1. Are you a foreign-based vendor looking to market or distribute your merchandise in the United States?
  2. Are you located outside of the United States and want to compete in the American domestic market without the expense and hassle of opening a branch office? Do you want to sell directly to U.S. customers?
  3. Your potential American customer does not want to get involved with customs formalities and prefers to buy on the local market, and you have no solution?

If any of the questions above apply to you, we are in a position to help. K International, one of the premier international shipping companies in the USA, will provide you with a valid tax ID number and set you up as an Importer of Record. You will be able to sell directly on the basis of free house delivered – duty paid (DDP), resulting in no corporate income tax consequences in the United States. Please refer to our links page if you wish to learn more about the INCOTERMS applicable to the trade.

As one of the leading international shipping companies, customers trust K International to handle all of their international shipping services. K International will obtain the necessary customs bond and will arrange customs clearance in your name. Regardless of your selling terms, we can use your commercial invoice to ensure compliance with all U.S. Customs import regulations.

Upon request, K International will even collect payment for your merchandise at the time of delivery. We will calculate complete freight charges, help you establish the correct DDP value and will deliver your consignment as per your instructions.

Please feel free to call (212) 267-6400 or email us see how we can assist you with all your international shipping services needs.

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