Calculating a Quote for International Heavy Machinery Shipping from the United States!

Calculating a Quote for International Heavy Machinery Shipping from the United States!

Often, a client interested in transporting high heavy construction equipment overseas will contact their international shipping company and receive a price quote before proceeding with the shipment. But what goes into the quote, and is there any way to make the final cost lower?

There are several factors that influence the total cost of international heavy machinery shipping services that even experienced clients may not be privy to. Although a reliable freight forwarder can calculate a fair price for your shipment, it is important to know and understand these factors in order to make economical decisions throughout the international transport process. Some elements that can affect the price you will have to pay, include the size and weight of the equipment, the number of items being shipped, the method of transport (RORO or container), the distance the cargo will travel overseas, and the destination country.

The Role of the Size and Weight of Cargo

One of the first questions that an experienced international shipping company will ask its client will be about the type, dimensions, and weight of the heavy equipment. These features will have the most effect on the ultimate price of the shipment. Because of this fact, it is very important to get your hands on the accurate height, width, length, and weight of the equipment.

These measurements factor into the international shipping quote for several reasons. First, the labor required from various third parties can be more expensive for larger equipment. Larger freights require more workers, use more gasoline for transport, require the use of equipment like cranes and forklifts at port facilities, and can incur various other costs that will add up.

Also, whether a client is shipping a crane, bulldozer, excavator, or stone cutter, it is important to have accurate dimensions in order to determine whether the equipment will be shipped in a container or roll-on/roll-off (RORO) vessel.

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RORO vs. Container Shipping

RORO is typically used for wheeled cargo, but the size and weight of cargo can preclude the use of a RORO vessel. In that case, a suitable container of 20 feet, 40 feet, or 45 feet can be picked out to transport the equipment. The quantity of the cargo can also come into play here; if more than one piece of equipment is being transported, it might be economically beneficial to use a container, even if the cargo is wheeled and self-propelled. Clients should be aware that containers are typically more expensive, but can be necessary for international construction equipment shipping services. Sometimes, even with equipment that is suitable for RORO shipping, the destination port may not be able to accommodate RORO vessels.

Port Accommodations

Destination ports can often have other impacts on the price quote clients will get when trying to transport heavy equipment overseas with international shipping services. Besides sometimes having limits on what they can accommodate, ports are also bound by their country’s maritime laws and tax codes. Ports can have various customs regulations, import tariffs, and cargo-specific tariffs. Clients do not need to know the specifics of these costs, However they should tell their freight forwarding company which port they plan to ship to and if they have any possible alternatives, which may be cheaper overall.

Another cost that is obvious, but often overlooked is the distance the cargo must travel. This can incur various labor costs for the crew of the vessel as well as costs of gasoline. Again, clients do not need to know the exact mileage of the journey their equipment will take, but should tell the shipping company their desired destination port as well as where they are located in the United States.

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Additional Costs

Additionally, many clients interested in international heavy equipment shipping need inland trucking and transportation services to transport their equipment from door to port. This can add extra costs to the final quote.

Again, the dimensions of the equipment will be extremely important. The heavier and larger the equipment is, the more expensive it will be for the trucker to transport it, and that cost will surely fall on the shipper. However, clients need not worry about frivolous costs with a reliable and experienced international shipping company like K International Transport, where we rely on experienced and affordable truckers for our clients.

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