Imagine Driving On These Roads…Some of the World’s Most Beautiful (and Craziest) Roads and How International Car Shipping Can Get You There!

When you ship Corvette’s, Mustangs, Jaguar’s and Bentley’s overseas from the US on a regular basis, you start to wonder where these cars end up…what roads will they see in their new overseas home.  Just to “tickle our fancy” we decided to come up with a list of some of the world’s most amazing roads, and imagine our overseas customers driving their cars on these roads….

1). Col de Turini, France

Located in the French Alps, the Col de Turini is one of the most spectacular passes in France. Infamous for its yearly Monte Carlo Rally, the road is a favorite for car driving enthusiasts.  We have shipped plenty of classic Ford Mustangs to France, and we can see these car owners braving the tight turns of the Col de Turini.  If you are interested in experiencing the Col de Turini, we can ship a car from the USA to the ports of Le Havre or Marseille.

The Col de Turini is a spectacular mountain pass in the French Alps, imagine driving your Ford Mustang or Chevy Corvette on this road!

2). Atlantic Ocean Road, Norway

Our next spectacular road lands us in Scandinavia, in what could be the classic car collecting capital of the world – Norway.  The Atlantic Ocean Road runs across a archipelago in the Norwegian Sea.  Imagine driving a classic Oldsmobile on this beautiful span of road in Norway.  Overseas car shipping to Norway from the USA is available to the port of Drammen, Kristiansand and Oslo.

Ship a car to Norway from the USA and take a drive over the bridges and islands on the Atlantic Ocean Road.

3). Jebel Hafeet Mountain Road, United Arab Emirates

The UAE is known for its flashy cars and desert climate, and it should come as no surprise that one of its most well-known roads combines the two.  The Jebel Hafeet Mountain Road rises through the mountain of Jebel Hafeet, a city located in the emirate of Abu Dhabi.  The road is considered one of the best driving roads in the world and is the perfect place to drive a shiny new Range Rover, Toyota Land Cruiser or BMW shipped to the port of Jebel Ali from the United States. 

Rising above the mountains of Jebel Hafeet, this road is the perfect place to get a worldly view of the UAE.  Ship a car to the port of Jebel Ali and head straight to this mountain!

4). North Yungas Road, Bolivia

If you make it through this next road alive, you are among one of the few.  Known as the “Road of Death” the North Yungas Road connects the Amazon region of Bolivia with its capital city La Paz.  What makes this road so dangerous is a combination of the following: no rail guards, tropical climate, narrow width, steep hilltops and muddy roads.  Each year thousands of thrill seekers venture to the 40 mile stretch of road and brave the twist, turns and sudden drops. Although you have a 50/50 chance of making it out alive, it is still one of the most spectacular and beautiful roads in the world.  We hope any cars we shipped to Bolivia from the US haven’t met their demise on this road.

The Yungas Road in Bolivia offers a breathtaking view of the scenery of the Bolivia mountainside, and it is also considered the deadliest road in the world.

5). Stelvio Pass, Italy

We head back to the Alps for the next spectacular road overseas, but this time we visit the country of Italy.  The road is the the highest paved mountain pass in the eastern Alps and was crowned one of the greatest driving roads in the world.  We can ship cars to several Italian ports including the ports of Genoa, Civitavecchia, Livorno, Salerno, Trieste, Venezia and Palermo from the USA at some of the best car shipping rates available on the market.

The road may look windy, but the scenery is beautiful on the Stelvio Pass in Italy

6). Irohazaka Slope, Japan

We take our adventure in seeking some of the world’s most beautiful roads to the mountains of the Far East.  The Irohazaka road in Japan originally had 48 hair rising turns and each turn corresponds with a letter in the Japanese alphabet.  The road is located in the mountains of the Tochigi prefecture.  If you’re brave enough to drive this winding road, there is plenty of international car shipping service from the USA to the port of Yokohama, Japan.

The twists and turns on the Irohazaka might make you dizzy, but the experience of driving on one of the world’s most beautiful roads is well worth it.
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7). Dades Gorge Road, Morocco

The Dades Gorge Road is located in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco.  The Atlas Mountains stretch over three countries in North Africa: Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia.  The Dades Gorge is located on the Dades River and is a popular tourist destination due to its vast natural beauty. It also makes for one incredible driving experience!  We offer some of the most affordable international car shipping to the port of Casablanca, Morocco from the east coast of the United States.

Experience the mountains of Morocco on the Dades Gorge Road. 

Whether your thrill seeking adventure takes you to the mountainside of Japan, the treacherous Amazonian pass of Bolivia or through the alps of Switzerland and Italy, driving your car on any one of the world’s most beautiful roads is definitely something you should add to your bucket list!  When looking to ship a car to France, Norway, United Arab Emirates, Italy, Japan or Morocco from the United States – turn to K International Transport for some of the best car shipping rates!  For more information on our overseas car shipping service to France, Norway, UAE, Italy, Japan or Morocco, give us a call at 212-267-6400, reach us on Skype at kinternationalny or send an email to  We will provide you with car shipping quotes within 1-2 business days and always try to provide you with the best international car shipping prices on the market.
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