International Car and Heavy Equipment Shipping to Iraq

Since July 2004 when trade restrictions from the United States to Iraq were lifted, international shipping services to Iraq has increased.  In 2011 imports of goods from the United States increased by 3% from 2010 and 2012 trade estimates project a continual positive increase in imports from the United States by approximately 5%.  The most common exports to Iraq from the United States include trucks, buses, automobiles, drilling and oil field equipment.  K International has reliable and affordable shipping services to the port of Umm Qasr, Iraq including container service and international car shipping and international heavy equipment shipping services.

Overseas car shipping service to Umm Qasr, Iraq is available via ro/ro service from ports in New York, Baltimore, Newark and Galveston.  Roll-on / roll-off vessels to Iraq can also handle the international shipping of large construction equipment, trucks and buses.

For items small enough to fit inside a container, container shipping services to Iraq is available from most major ports in the United States and inland points including service from rail yards in Cleveland, Chicago, Detroit, Kansas City, Indianopolis, Memphis and more.  Popular items shipped in containers to Umm Qasr, Iraq include small industrial machinery and automobiles.

If interested in more information about our international shipping services to Iraq give us a call.  You can also visit our rate request pages for pricing on shipping to Iraq and we will send you our quote within 1-2 business days.  As one of the leading international shipping companies in the United States, we offer affordable, reliable and professional overseas shipping services to Umm Qasr, Iraq.