International Car Shipping Rates to Australia

Have you decided to move to Australia? To teach English? If that is the case, you may be in for a surprise once you arrive, but one thing that shouldn’t surprise you is the process to ship your things internationally. While your services may not be in as great demand as you thought, there are still plenty of reasons to relocate, and along with shipping furniture overseas, it may also be a great help to take your reliable Jeep to navigate the outback (alternatively, you could bring an Outback to the outback). K International Transport is an international shipping company that can help with shipping your possessions and shipping cars internationally.

We service all available ports in Australia. Some examples include: Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Fremantle, Port Kembla, Darwin, and Adelaide. We can help decide the most convenient entrance port based on your specific needs.

Contact as by phone at (212) 267-6400 or by email at and we promptly review and reply to your international car shipping quote request. We cannot guarantee you will fulfill your dreams of teaching English in a country that already speaks it, but we can help you ship your car to Australia or ship your furniture to Australia.