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Are you looking to ship to Iraq?  Originally opened in 1967 the port of Umm Qasr is the largest port in Iraq.  As the only deep water port in Iraq, it receives the bulk of all cargo shipping to the country.  Today, whether you are looking to ship automobiles, motorcycles, containers, construction equipment or machinery from the United States to Iraq, there is plenty of affordable international shipping services available. 
Overseas Vehicle Shipping Services to Iraq

 International car shipping service is available from the United States to port Umm Qasr in Iraq.  Among the overseas car shipping services offered to Umm Qasr are: international ro/ro shipping and automobile container shipping services.  Inexpensive ro/ro car shipping to Umm Qasr, Iraq is available from most major USA ports.  We can ship your car with our affordable ro/ro service from the ports of New York, Baltimore, Charleston, Jacksonville, Galveston (Houston) and Norfolk to Umm Qasr.  Are you looking to ship several cars to Iraq?  Consider international container shipping service to Umm Qasr, Iraq.  We can load up to four (4) cars in a container for international automobile shipping.  When looking for the best automobile shipping company with service to Iraq, turn to K International Transport.  We can provide some of the best car shipping quotes to Umm Qasr, Iraq from the United States.  

Construction Equipment Shipping Services to Iraq
In addition to overseas car transport services to Umm Qasr, there is plenty of service available for commercial cargo shipping from the United States.  Heavy equipment shipping service to Umm Qasr, Iraq is available from all major USA east coast and gulf ports.  If you are looking to ship Caterpillar’s, Komatsu’s, drilling machinery, bull dozers, motor graders, trucks, tractor trailers and more to Umm Qasr, Iraq contact us today to receive international shipping quotes.   If you are looking to ship used and new machinery or other commercial cargo, international container shipping service to Umm Qasr, Iraq is available from all major inland locations, east coast and gulf coast ports in the United States.  We can deliver the container to your facility anywhere in the USA for loading and shipping to Iraq.

Umm Qasr is the major seaport for the country of Iraq. 

When searching for international shipping services from the United States to Umm Qasr port in Iraq, trust one of the best international shipping companies in the USA – K International Transport!  Our friendly customer service representatives will respond to your international freight rate request to Iraq within 1-2 business days.  To receive international shipping quotes for vehicles, equipment and containers to Iraq, send us an email at  We can also be reached at 212-267-6400 or on Skype at: kinternationalny.

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