Shipping a Yacht to Europe? Tips You Need Now

Taking advantage of the weather in various ports of call in Europe this time of year is something many families do annually.  It is an excellent time to ship your yacht abroad and spend a carefree month or so away from it all.  Before you ship, though, here are a few important tips you need to know, particularly if you have never shipped a yacht before. 
There are several methods of shipping.  Whether a roll-on/roll-off carrier or flat rack shipping, you have choices depending on the size of your yacht.  Smaller yachts could even be shipped in containers.  Customized cradles can also be built to ensure that your yacht is well protected during the journey.
Transport can include more than just the ocean voyage.  Pick up is something you will need to determine ahead of time.  If you want, pick up can be arranged from a marina or other specified destination.  But we can even pick up yachts straight from the manufacturer, auction or dealer.  Yachts are generally transported by trailer to the port of departure.

Work with a logistics company early on.  Ocean carriers have schedules to keep to, so if you are working on the purchase of a yacht you expect to be immediately shipped by a certain date, you don’t want to find yourself disappointed when your wants conflict with a previously tightly packed shipping schedule.  Avoid unexpected delays by working with a professional who can also oversee the results of your shipment at every step along the way.