Tрудно Yчаствовать в Mеждународный доставке: мы можем помочь

Бизнес международный доставке бывает не очень легко. Каждая страна имеет собственные правила, и с этим трудно бороться.Но не теряйте надежду! Из всех международных судоходных компаний, K International Transport знает как вам помочь. Eсть много регуляцией когда надо экспортировать вещи. вот что мы можем для вас сделать:1) Лицензии и ДокументацияВ зависимости от того, что вам нужно отправить, и в […]

Internationally Shipping Vintage Cars (Part 1)

As you probably already know, a reliable international shipping company can ship your car from the United States to anywhere in the world.  But what if it is a vintage car?  No matter the type of car, K International Transport can help you transport it overseas with international automobile shipping services. If you decide to ship a vintage automobile […]

International Shipping from the United States to Bolivia!

K International Transport believes that international shipping services can be easy and affordable enough to take advantage of. But what happens when you want to ship cargo to a land-locked country? For example, Bolivia is the 5th largest country in South America, and is a popular destination for all kinds of cargo, including: Automobiles, with overseas car transport services Household […]

the Cost of International Shipping

In this day and age, international shipping services are becoming the norm. However, many people still hold back, even when they have cargo to ship internationally.Why, you ask? Well, cost is still a big issue in all aspects of life, so many are worried about what they would have to pay. However, good international shipping companies, like K International Transport, can […]

Самые Популярные Машины в Америке, и как мы их можем Перевести в Другую Страну

Самые популярные машины в 2014:   Ford F-Series Toyota Camry Chevrolet Silverado Honda Accord and Ram 1500-3500 как может вам помочь самая надежная международная судоходная компания, K International?K International Transport специализируется в доставке автомобилей за границу . мы можем вам помочь экспортировать вашу машину. вы будете довольны! Первый Шаг: сначала, мы даем вам стоимость доставки. Мы готовим все документы для экспорта чтобы вы не беспокоились. Второй Шаг: Мы […]

The Power of Social Networking with International Shipping Services

At this point of the 21st century, most people understand the importance of being internet-savvy. With so many social media outlets available, millions of people can be reached for whatever purpose, including  for business for recreation for activism and more. So why is this important? Well, international shipping companies like K International Transport will use social […]

World’s Most Dangerous Roads (Part 2): Ship a car today!

It is no secret that all over the world lie geographic locations that serve to excite, amaze, or simply shock us. Among these locations, there are roads that frighten even the most extreme daredevils. However, these crazy roads shouldn’t discourage you! A reliable international shipping company, like K International, can help you get your automobile overseas safely: […]

Congratulations, Germany! Ship an Automobile to Deutschland Today!

Finally, we have the new champions of the World Cup 2014: Germany! In an intense game between Germany and Argentina, the latter came out victorious after scoring a goal in extra time.  But what does this all have to do with us non-soccer playing, common folk? and what does this have to do with international shipping services? Well, […]

Ship Construction Equipment to Jordan Today!

Are you Starting a business in Jordan? Shipping construction equipment abroad to the Middle East? In need of reliable construction equipment shipping services?  K International Transport can help! With a fast growing economy and a variety of available opportunities, what better time than now to ship construction and heavy equipment from the United States to Jordan, or anywhere […]

World Cup FInals!! Ship internationally today!

Now, the event that soccer fans everywhere have been waiting for is almost here: the 2014 World Cup Finals. Germany vs. Argentina. An estimated 400 million people will tune in to root for their their favorite team, or to simply watch this intense game. But even if you aren’t a soccer fan, international shipping companies, like K […]