How International Shipping can Improve your Business!

People usually rely on international shipping services for a number of reasons. Maybe they have family overseas, and want to ship household goods to help them out are moving to another country and need their belongings moved as well will be living at another country for an extended period of time But what about the business side […]

International Automobile Shipping to Panama!

Do you Need to ship an automobile to Panama? Are curious about K International Transport’s international shipping services? If so, you’ve come to the right place! K International Transport is a trustworthy international shipping company, and we offer a variety of services to make your shipping experience hassle-free, and to get your automobile to Port of Balboa, […]

Crisis in Iraq, and What You can do to Help!

Do you  Enjoy helping people?  Frequently give clothing and supplies to Charity?  Call yourself a philanthropist?  If you said “yes” to any of these options, K International Transport can help you give back with our international shipping services!  Hundreds of Iraqi citizens, suffering under the terrorist government ISIS, are being forced to flee to escape […]

World’s Most Popular Sports: how International Shipping can help youJoin the Fun!

Currently in the world, the most popular sports are played daily and watched obsessively. Big bets are placed on favored teams, after which comes either disappointment or joviality. Picture a cheering crowd, disgruntled coaches, and sizzling fast food.  But what are the top three most popular sports (ranked by how many people watch) in the […]