International Automobile Shipping Services to the Middle East!

Currently, many people are shipping their car from the United States to the Middle East. This includes countries such as Turkey Jordan Egypt Bahrain Saudi Arabia Iraq Lebanon Yemen Kuwait United Arab Emirates (UAE) Qatar Cyprus and more.  For whatever reason you are shipping, K International can help with our international automobile shipping services!  K International Transport […]

End of Summer International Boat Shipping Services Fun!

Already in September and watching the hot winter lead into a cool autumn, many people want to stretch their summer out for as long as possible. When there’s a will, there’s a way, and K International Transport can help!  Many summer activities include the water, so one way to preserve the summer is by getting […]

International Shipping from Israel to the United States

Are you A United States citizen currently residing in Israel? Living in the United States, but studying in Israel? Wondering how you can ship cargo from Israel to the United States? If you said yes to any of these questions, a trustworthy international shipping company like K International Transport can help you!  K International Transport specializes in international […]

Стоимость международного судоходства

Международные морские услуги становятся нормой. Тем не менее, многие люди все еще сопротивляются, даже когда у них есть груз для перевозки в другую странy.Стоимость по-прежнему большой проблемой во всех аспектах жизни, поэтому многие обеспокоены тем, что они должны платить.Тем не менее, хорошие международные судоходные компании, как K International Transport, может помочь снизить беспокойство, когда речь […]

International Shipping Services with the End of the U.S Open!

With the end of August came the end of the U.S Open and, of course, the results of the tournament! To nobody’s surprise, the winner of the women’s division was Serena Williams. However, despite the predictions before the beginning of the U.S Open, the men’s winner was Marin Cilic. But what do these two tennis players have […]