Shipping Furniture Overseas from Ports in the United States

When people think of international shipping services, they usually visualize a dozen cars making their way across the ocean on a vessel or a Caterpillar crane loaded inside a container. However, a reliable international shipping company can help you transport household goods and personal effects as well, including furniture! There a few steps to take […]

International Shipping of Household Goods to Port San Antonio, Chile from the U.S!

If you need to ship household goods or personal effects to Chile from the United States, K International is the way to go. A reliable international shipping company, K International can help you transport goods in a container from any port in the U.S to Port San Antonio, Chile, including: furniture clothing small equipment and more! […]

International Automobile Shipping in Bulk to Port Abidjan, Ivory Coast from the United States!

Contrary to popular belief, many people ship automobiles in bulk from the United States to countries in West Africa and the Middle East. With K International, a reliable international shipping company, shipping automobiles to Port Abidjan, Ivory Coast is a piece of cake!  Gazouya-japan K International can offer many international automobile shipping services, including: Shipping from any port […]