Shipping Caterpillar Cranes Overseas to Port Durban, South Africa!

Because K International has a title as a reliable international shipping company, we can help you ship construction equipment overseas with our construction equipment shipping services. Whether you’re an international shipping expert, or more of a novice, K International can help you ship Caterpillar cranes overseas to Port Durban, South Africa, safely and efficiently.  Robotriot K International can […]

Shipping Personal Effects Overseas: International Shipping Services to Port Izmir, Turkey!

Container shipping may seem intimidating to some, but really the process is a walk in the park with the right international shipping company. With a 20 foot, 40 foot, or even 45 foot container, you can ship household goods or personal effects to Port Izmir, Turkey, including:  Furniture Clothing Equipment Donation Goods or almost anything else! Danny […]