Oh No! What to Do When Your Cargo is Damaged

Packing is a really important part of the shipping process.  The way cargo is loaded onto a vessel can greatly determine the condition of the cargo once it is received.  No one wants that sinking feeling of receiving a shipment from abroad only to open the container and find the goods inside damaged in some […]

Important Hazardous Shipping Information

Working with hazardous cargo presents its own set of challenges when it comes to packing, shipping and receiving.  Sometimes the challenge is in the cargo itself, as some materials we think are regular everyday items end up being hazardous to ship (like batteries!)  If you need to ship hazardous materials in the near future, here […]

International Construction Equipment Shipping to Port Callao, Peru!

International shipping to Port Callao, Peru is efficient and affordable with a reliable international shipping company like K International. We can help you ship all types of equipment overseas, including: Construction Equipment Shipping to Peru:  Ship excavators, motor graders, dump trucks,  cranes, bull dozers, mining and drilling equipment to the port of Callao, Peru using roll-on […]

What is a Letter of Credit? Do I Need One?

Letters of credit are sometimes a necessary part of a shipping transaction.  In simple terms, banks need a guarantee of payment, and a letter of credit is a method of guaranteeing that a shipper will get paid and that the purchaser will actually get the shipment.  In reality, though, there are pitfalls and caveats when […]

International Shipping of Vintage Automobiles to Port Basel, Switzerland with K International!

International automobile shipping to Port Basel, Switzerland from the United States is easier than ever with a company like K International. Reliable international shipping companies like K International can offer many services to ship vintage cars to Switzerland, including: K International Transport can ship your cargo from any port in the United States, including those in New […]

International Construction Equipment Shipping to Port Shuwaikh, Kuwait!

International construction equipment shipping has increased in popularity in the past decade. With the help of reliable international shipping companies, clients can ship heavy equipment in a container from the United States to anywhere in the world. Ship today to the Port of Shuwaikh, Kuwait?  With K International’s international shipping services, we can help you ship construction equipment to […]

International Container Shipping from the United States to Port Laem Chabang, Thailand!

Reliable international shipping companies, like K International, can ship your cargo in a 20 or 40 foot container to Port Laem Chabang, Thailand for an affordable price!   What can we ship in a container, you may ask? With our international shipping services, we can ship: an automobile personal effects construction equipment and more!    […]

International Shipping of Household Goods to Port of SInes, Portugal from the United States!

When thinking of international shipping services, most people think of the shipment of automobiles and construction equipment. However, a reliable international shipping company like K International can help you ship household goods and personal effects as well! We can help you ship: Clothing Furniture  Small Equipment and other household goods!  With all of K International’s international shipping services, […]