International Shipping of Komatsu Equipment to Port Umm Qasr, Iraq from the United States!

With an international shipping company like K International, transporting Komatsu construction equipment should be no hassle at all. We will make the process as affordable, easy, and efficient as possible, no matter what type of Komatsu equipment you are shipping.  Umm Qasr port is a great destination for Komatsu equipment with our construction equipment shipping […]

The Nuanced Process of Importing a Foreign Car into the United States

Many veterans of international automobile shipping servicesassume that the process of importing cars into the United States is similar to that of exporting vehicles. However, that is not the case.  Because of many countries’ heavy restrictions and rigid laws regarding imported items, the process of shipping cargo differs accordingly. American import laws are especially difficult […]

What Might Go Wrong with International Shipping

When clients seek out international shipping services, expectations are high for a smooth process in which nothing ever goes wrong. Unfortunately, while international shipping is an efficient and safe procedure, sometimes obstacles get in the way. One such hitch can be a delay in the actual shipment of cargo. This can occur for several reasons: […]

International Automobile Shipping of Vintage Cars to Port Zurich, Switzerland!

Transporting vintage automobiles may seem like a hard task. However, with a reliable international shipping company, the process can be easy and affordable.  K International’s overseas car transport services are perfect for transporting all types of vintage automobiles, such as BMWs, Cadillacs, Mustangs, and more!  With the combination of an experienced company like K International […]

International Shipping Services of Cars, Construction Equipment, and Personal Effects to Port Hodeidah, Yemen

Transporting goods to Yemen doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With an experienced international shipping company like K International, you can transport: Personal effects Vintage or contemporary automobiles  Construction equipment  K International can help you ship from the United States to Port Hodeidah, Yemen with our international shipping services! Alf van Beem   K International […]

International Automobile Shipping Services to Port Alexandria, Egypt for an Affordable Price!

International Automobile Shipping to Egypt is at an all-time high, and for good reason: prices are affordable and the process is hassle-free for customers.  With a trustworthy and experienced international shipping company like K International, customers get exactly what they’re looking for and more for their money. K International can offer you the best price and service for your […]

Overseas Car Transport to Port Amsterdam, Netherlands from the United States!

With a reliable international shipping company like K International, transporting cars overseas to Amsterdam can be an easy, efficient, and affordable process.    With K International’s international automobile shipping services, customers don’t have to worry about anything: your car will arrive in the Netherlands without a problem!   Alf van Beem K International can offer many […]

International Shipping to Djibouti with a Reliable International Shipping Company

Good international shipping services seem like they’re hard to come by. However, transporting cargo to Djibouti can be easier than it sounds.    With K International, a reliable international shipping company, transporting all types of cargo to Djibouti is safe and affordable. We love to transport all kinds of cargo in containers for our customers, […]

International Vintage Automobile Shipping to Port Bremerhaven, Germany from the United States!

Reliable and experienced international shipping companies can help you transport any classic or vintage automobile overseas to Bremerhaven, Germany. With K International’s overseas car transport services, you can ship any automobile to Germany safely and for an affordable price. K International can even help you with inland trucking and transportation to a nearby port in […]