The Importance of an Experienced Freight Forwarding Company

There can be a lot of nuance in international shipping transactions for all types of cargo. Things can go wrong. However, with a reliable and experienced international shipping company, clients can put their minds at ease. Freight forwarding companies help their clients through the international shipping process, from the initial request through the arrival of […]

International Automobile Shipping Services for Military Personnel

It is well known that international automobile shipping services are a popular aspect of the freight forwarding industry. Many clients seek to export vehicles from the United States to countries all around the world. One demographic in particular often transports automobiles back and forth, both importing and exporting their cars for use in both the […]

Overseas Construction Equipment Transport to Port Alexandria, Egypt from the United States!

International construction equipment shipping overseas from the United States is a process that experienced shipping companies are well versed in. For clients shipping Caterpillar equipment to Egypt, the process can be easy, efficient, and hassle-free. Transporting Kobelco/ Komatsu / Caterpillar / Hitachi products to Port Alexandria, Egypt from the United States can be effortless with a reliable and […]

International Construction Equipment Shipping to Port Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania for Kobelco/ Komatsu / Caterpillar Equipment!

With a trustworthy international shipping company like K International, international construction equipment shipping is easy and affordable, without too much stress on the client’s part. With K International’s services, clients can transport Caterpillar, Kobelco, and Komatsu products, and many types of  construction equipment including cranes/  bulldozers/ dump trucks/ water trucks/ tractor trailers to Port Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania! […]

Overseas Car Transport Services to Port Buenos Aires, Argentina for Autos / Vehicles / Cars of all Makes and Models!

Clients shipping an automobile / vehicle / car to Buenos Aires, Argentina can rely on a reliable international shipping company like K International to help with the shipment, no matter what the style, make, or model of the automobile is. With K International’s extensive overseas car transport services, clients can ship their cars can be shipped to Buenos Aires, Argentina quickly, safely, […]

International Automobile / Car / Vehicles Shipping Services to Port Zeebrugge, Belgium from the United States!

Transporting a vintage car overseas can be stressful, especially since older automobiles can be more fragile as well as more valuable. However, with a reliable international shipping company like K International, shipping a vintage car through containerized shipping is an easy and stress-free process. A reliable international shipping company like K International can offer many services for shipping overseas, […]

International Automobile Shipping Services for Luxury Cars to Port Shanghai, China!

Transporting an automobile to China through the port of Shanghai is the way to go. Not only is it the busiest port in the world, but, paired with a reliable international shipping company like K International, it is also extremely efficient! Clients can rely on K International to transport their car with international automobile shipping services, no matter […]

International Automobile Shipping for Cars/ Vehicles/ Automobiles to Port Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates!

Shipping automobiles overseas has never been easier than now. With an experienced international shipping company like K International, clients can transport all types of cars/ automobiles / vehicles to Abu Dhabi, UAE, including contemporary/ classic/ vintage cars.   With K International’s overseas car transport services the process is affordable, efficient, and most importantly, safe. Some of our international shipping services include: […]

International Shipping Services for Transport of Automobiles and Construction Equipment to Port Veracruz, Mexico!

For clients shipping cars / vehicles / automobiles, construction equipment, such as bulldozers / cranes / tractor trailers / excavators, personal effects, or virtually anything else to Mexico, K International’s international shipping services can help! With our container shipping services, we can load your cargo into a 20 or 40 foot container with LCL (less-than-container) or FCL […]