International Construction Equipment Services to Port Au Prince, Haiti for Kobelco/ Komatsu/ Caterpillar/ Hitachi Products!

When shipping overseas, consider shipping to Port Au Prince, Haiti with a reliable international shipping company like K International. Some reasons to ship to Haiti include: Port Au Prince is Haiti’s main shipping port the port can handle containers and all roll-on/roll-off cargo, including construction equipment shipping. The Port can handle around 600 containers a day Port Au Prince handles […]

International Construction and High-Heavy Equipment Shipping to Port Nouadhibou, Mauritania for Kobelco/ Komatsu/ Caterpillar/ Hitachi Equipment!

Transporting heavy cargo such as a bulldozer/ crane/ tractor trailer/ excavator/ dump truck/stone cutter overseas can be seem like a complicated procedure. For a reliable and experienced international shipping company like K International, the task is easy and hassle-free. K International can help clients load and unload equipment, transport equipment from door to port, and […]