International Car Shipping Information

Interested in international car shipping services to and from the United States?

Hundreds of individuals have found the reliability and service they expect by shipping their new and used cars, trucks, and motorcycles worldwide with K International Transport Co., Inc. versus other international car transport companies.

  • Moving abroad and want to bring your car along?
  • Planning to take some of your household goods or personal effects with you?
  • Intending to buy a car in the United States during your trip?
  • Buying from a dealership through the Internet and need to arrange overseas vehicle shipping?
  • Buying on eBay, but can’t figure out how to pick up and ship the vehicle?
  • Sending a vintage automobile or new vehicle abroad but afraid of damage?

In addition to providing car shipping quotes, K International can handle all necessary export documentation. We can also arrange marine insurance with the lowest premium upon request. K International has access to the lowest overseas car shipping rates on roll-on/roll-off and container vessels destined for worldwide ports, and can make sure your international car shipping experience is not only pleasant – but affordable.

K International, one of the leading international shipping companies, is a bonded and licensed freight forwarder, NOT a moving company; we can even place ocean-going containers for your HOUSEHOLD GOODS at your residence (in which case you will responsible for loading the container yourself). For security and liability reasons, however, we do not permit shippers to stow their own vehicles under any circumstances. If you bring your household goods to one of our warehouses along with your vehicle we can arrange for proper containerization.

Roll-On / Roll-Off (Ro/Ro) Service

Courtesy of Hoegh Autoliners Above is a picture of a Ro/Ro vessel being loaded.

Courtesy of Hoegh Autoliners Above is a picture of a Ro/Ro vessel being loaded.

Container Shipping Service

Once inside, the vehicle’s battery is disconnected and the vehicle is blocked and braced securely. Container loading in the United States is mostly via loading dock, with the container already placed on truck chassis.

We specialize in shipping luxury, classic, antique and vintage vehicles, like this 1927 Ford Model T, from the United States to worldwide destinations. We can also provide inland transportation service from door to port in an enclosed car carrier

Vehicle is blocked and braced securely. With the professional loading service provided by our certified warehouse, your vehicle will be handled and protected with great care.

Air Freight Service

The pictures above show a customized Porsche prepared for air freight. The car is carefully secured prior to shipping

After the car is strapped down and secured, the car is wrapped to prevent any damage during transport.

We recently shipped this restored 1934 Bentley via air freight service

* These pictures are for illustration purposes only – not all ports are serviced by Ro/Ro and Container, and local stevedores or warehouse personnel may use other commercially reasonable techniques.

If you are interested in obtaining a rate quote for our overseas car transport, services please fill out our Automobile Shipping Rate Request Form. We try to answer every inquiry for car shipping quotes by the end of the next business day.