Don’t Want to Assume Risk? Go With a Shipping Expert!

International commerce has never been more turbocharged.  Because of the Internet and sites such as eBay have made many secondary markets available to people wherever there might be a port of call.  Of course, this also means that you have to figure out how to handle international shipping.  But don’t let that put you off purchasing that classic car.  There are plenty of situations where you may not want to assume certain kinds of risk.  In these instances, you are better off going with an expert in the international shipping industry.
Purchasing from the United States offers a wealth of opportunities, particularly in the vehicle market.  Whether it is a new release or a luxury car, the United States has a thriving market.  But you may not want to assume the buyer’s credit risk in this scenario.

Avoid letter of credit compliance issues or discrepancies upon presentation and avoid any bank delays by going with a shipping expert.  The letter of credit is one of the most important pieces of risk in terms of shipping internationally.  There are certain protections you are entitled to, and we can help you ensure you get them.
By the same token, know your rights as a beneficiary of a letter of credit.  Some banks include language in the contracts that are confusing, restate previous information or are just flat out incorrect.  Some applicants will also request protection clauses that go far beyond what the market requires.  We can analyze what terms should be changed or removed and ultimately what is in your best interests.
Find protection for your vintage car shipment with our expertise.  Just the thought of loading up a vintage car onto a creaky old boat fills many with too much fear to make the purchase.  But in reality, stowing and shipping a vehicle has never been easier.  We have moved many beautiful cars with not a single scratch, and our roll-on/roll-off service is top-notch.
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