How to Ship a Vehicle to Saudi Arabia from the United States

How to Ship a Vehicle to Saudi Arabia from the United States

Shippers can easily transport automobiles/vehicles/cars to Port Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, with a reliable international shipping company like K International Transport. With K International Transport’s overseas car transport services, clients can ship cars of all makes, models, and years of cars from all ports in the United States, including New York, Maryland, Virginia, Georgia, Florida, Texas, California, and Washington. This includes vintage and classic automobiles, luxury cars, contemporary autos, and trucks, and other large vehicles.

Although international automobile shipping may seem overwhelming, especially for those new to car shipping, a reliable international shipping company freight forwarder can help clients understand the international shipping process.

red and blue crane under cloudy sky during daytime
red and blue crane under cloudy sky during daytime. Photo by Freddie @fredinand

Luxury Car Transport to Saudi Arabia

With a growing luxury car market in countries of the Middle East due to low fuel costs, low import tariffs, and low taxes in general, as well as great insurance options, many clients are choosing to transport luxury brand automobiles to Port Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Most Middle Eastern countries charge a value-added tax (VAT) for imported automobiles. However, the amount of the VAT and other tariffs and taxes varies. There may also be vehicle safety requirements that clients should be aware of before they ship. However, the low taxes and low cost of transporting vehicles can often make up for these regulations and convince clients to utilize reliable international automobile shipping services.

red ferrari 458 italia parked near white and brown building during night time
red ferrari 458 italia parked near white and brown building during night time. Photo by RAPHAEL MAKSIAN @photograffihk

Preparations for Transporting a Vehicle to Saudi Arabia

Included in the customs regulations are instructions for what clients must do with their automobiles before shipping them overseas. One standard for vehicles is cleanliness. People interested in transporting their vehicles to Port Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, must wash and clean out the interior and exterior of the vehicle before shipping. The car, including the trunk, must be vacuumed clean, and the vehicle must dry completely prior to shipment. Additionally, most personal items must be removed before shipping, including all car accessories that aren’t permanently installed, liquids, installed radios, air fresheners, and flammable or combustible substances. Prior to shipping, clients must also ensure that the fuel tank is ¼ or less full, the parking brake is fully functional, there are no substantial cracks on the windshield, and that any other potential standard is considered and abided by.

Methods of Transporting Automobiles to Saudi Arabia

For transporting vehicles overseas, clients typically have two choices: shipping via RO/RO vessel or container. Both methods have pros and cons, but an experienced freight forwarding company can help clients decide which option is best based on the circumstances. RO/RO is typically cheaper, and the loading process is much simpler because the car can be driven onto the vessel. However, this precludes non-driving cars and typically vintage autos from using this method.

Container shipping, on the other hand, can be great for clients transporting vintage and classic cars or those who are looking to transport goods and personal effects in addition to the automobile. Unlike RO/RO, clients can transport other items with their cars in a shipping container.

Both options are reliable and affordable, and the best option will be specific to the client and their circumstances.


photo of cargo cru ship
photo of cargo ship. Photo by Rinson Chory @nessa_rin

Necessary Documents

Before any company will transport an automobile overseas from the United States, they will need certain information from the shipper as well as several documents. Some needed documents include the original title of the car, the full name and address of the shipper and the consignee, photo identification of the shipper and consignee, prepayment in full, proof of the commercial value of the automobile, and a signed power of attorney form.

The international shipping company will also ask the shipper when they would like to schedule the shipment and how it will be transported to a port in the United States. Some clients prefer to drive their car to the port in the United States themselves. However, this is not always possible, especially if the client lives far away from the port of origin. Luckily, K International Transport can help with inland trucking and transportation services. These reliable services can transport shippers’ automobiles for an affordable price from their door to the port. With K International Transport, the whole process is hassle-free, including the transport to the port before the shipment commences overseas.


Although clients may be overwhelmed by the concept of transporting often valuable automobiles, a reliable international shipping company like K International Transport can help demystify the process. K International Transport is an expert in the freight forwarding field and can relay important information regarding port and customs regulations to clients to minimize the burden. Contact K International Transport today for questions or international shipping quotes to the Middle East, Europe, and West Africa. Call us at 212-267-6400 or email us at You can also reach out to us on Skype at kinternationalny. We look forward to working with you and shipping your automobile!