International Automobile Shipping to Port of Bremerhaven, Germany!

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January 11, 2015
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January 13, 2015
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If you are interested in shipping an automobile, or any other cargo, from the United States to Germany, a reliable international shipping company like K International can help you! Whether you are shipping a B&W, a pick-up truck, or a vintage Lexus, we can help! 

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Port of Bremerhaven

No matter what type of car you are shipping, K International can get it to Bremerhaven, Germany, quickly and safely.  

  • K International Transport can ship your cargo from any port in the United States, including those in New York, Maryland, Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Texas, California, and more! 
  • If your cargo is located outside of a port city, K International Transport offers inland trucking and transportation services to transport your belongings to a port before they are shipped overseas! 
  • and more!
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In addition to the allure offered by K International’s amazing services, the port of Bremerhaven is really reliable as well! The noteworthy details are:  
  • The Port of Bremerhaven is the 4th largest container port in Europe and the world’s 16th largest container port.
  • The port offers storage space for 120,000 cars.
  • The port offers a covered area for up to 45,000 cars.
  • The port of Bremerhaven has 15 berths dedicated to overseas vehicle shipping car carriers. 
For more information on what K International can do for you, call us at 212-267-6400, email us at, or reach out to us on Skype at kinternationalny. For an international shipping rate, visit our rate request page today!