International Automobile Shipping of Vintage and Classic Automobiles to Port Zurich, Switzerland

With a reliable international shipping company like K International, transporting a vintage car overseas doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. Many clients worry about damage to the automobile, inefficient shipping overseas, or overly-expensive prices from companies trying to take advantage.

With K International, there’s no need to worry. Our international automobile shipping services can help get your vintage car to Port Zurich, Switzerland efficiently, with protection from the elements, and for an affordable price.


Along with K International’s great international shipping services, Port Zurich is also an efficient and trustworthy port. Some notable services of the port and surrounding areas include:

  • The city of Zurich is Switzerland’s commercial, banking, and finance center because of its size and business potential and the port.
  • Port Zurich has many items to take care of a large amount of cargo, including large silos, storage facilities, and stacks of containers.
  • The port is one of the country’s most important traffic hubs, taking at least 10% of cargo that comes into Switzerland.
  • Transporting vintage cars into Western Europe, especially Switzerland, has been a steadily popular practice because of the efficiency and affordability of the process, especially with a reliable port.


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