International Boat Shipping and Transport Services

One of the numerous international shipping services K International Transport offers is international boat shipping services to several global destinations. As one of the preferred international shipping companies specializing in overseas boat or yacht transport, our team has the expertise needed to safely transport your boat internationally. Found the boat of your dreams on EBay or from a USA based boat dealer? Looking for a reliable, easy and affordable international shipping company you can trust to ship your valuable boat or yacht from the USA? From small powerboats to large yachts look no further than K International Transport for an international boat shipping quote. We understand the considerations to take into account when preparing your boat or yacht for export.
How exactly do we export a boat from America? K International offers several overseas boat transport options:
-Shipping a jet ski, wave runner, Sea-Doo, boat or yacht on trailer?
International boat on trailer shipping via roll-on / roll-off service is the easiest and most affordable way to ship your boat or yacht. Boats on trailer are loaded onto a roll-on / roll-off vessel and safely secured by a shipping professional to prevent damage or movement during transport. Roll-on / Roll-off boat and yacht shipping is available to several destinations throughout Europe, the Mediterranean, South and Central America, Asia and more.
-Shipping a boat or yacht on cradle?
Worldwide boat transportation is available for boats on cradle. Boats or yachts shipped on cradle are secured to a 20′ or 40′ flat rack or mafi trailer. Boat cradles should be customized to accommodate your boats size and weight.
-Shipping a jet ski, wave runner, Sea-Doo or small sized boat? Have additional boat parts that need to be shipped?
International ocean container shipping is ideal for smaller boats that can fit inside a 20′ or 40′ container and for shipping smaller boat parts. Have several jet skis to ship? Jet skis and smaller boats are safely secured inside the container by one of our licensed and bonded professional warehouses. Additionally, customers who remove parts of their boat to make their boat smaller for international roll-on / roll-off or flat rack / mafi transport opt to load the additional parts in container for safe and secure overseas transport.
-Need your boat picked up and delivered to the port of loading?
K International Transport also provides door pickup as part of our international transportation services. Whether it is a boat on trailer or boat on cradle we provide reliable and safe inland transportation to the port.
When looking for one of the top international boat shipping companies look no further than K International Transport. Visit our boat information page and submit a boat / watercraft rate request for more information and to receive a quote.