International Shipping and Gestalt theory??

International Shipping and Gestalt theory??

According to psychological theory, gestalt is the understanding that the “whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” This simply means that humans are more likely to perceive the full picture before the individual parts of it. 

Look at these optical illusions: 

File:Optical illusion vase 2.png
What do you see in this picture? hint:  there are two pictures in one! 

If you see the vase, that is your figure, according to gestalt theory. the background would be the ground. However, if you see the faces first, it is the opposite way around. 

File:Gestalt closure.svg
This illusion shows the law of continuity. You see a circle and a rectangle, right? But look closely and see that these are just dashed lines with spaces in between! Your brain fills in the empty spaces to make it understandable!

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