International Shipping Services via Container

When transporting cargo overseas, clients often have several choices: they can either ship via roll-on/roll-off (RoRo) vessel or container. For vehicles and construction equipment that is wheeled, transporting cargo via RoRo is typically the most efficient and affordable way. However, with cargo that isn’t wheeled, clients are forced to transport cargo via container to ports overseas.

With a company’s international shipping services, containers come in various sizes, including twenty feet, forty feet, and forty five feet, depending on the size and quantity of the cargo being shipped. Clients can also opt for less-than-container shipping (LCL) when they don’t need to use the entire volume of the container.

Experienced international shipping companies can also offer several different types of containers for various shipments, including flat rack, open-top, open-side, refrigerated, insulated, and dry-storage containers. Each container type is preferable for specific types of cargo, and the client is able to choose the best option depending on what they are shipping.

However, clients don’t have to make the decisions on their own. With a reliable freight-forwarding company, clients can depend on their shipping agent to recommend the best type of container for their shipping needs. After a container is chosen and loaded with the cargo, the process can proceed with a scheduled shipment to virtually any port in the world.