International Vintage Automobile Shipping to Port Bremerhaven, Germany from the United States!

Reliable and experienced international shipping companies can help you transport any classic or vintage automobile overseas to Bremerhaven, Germany.

With K International’s overseas car transport services, you can ship any automobile to Germany safely and for an affordable price. K International can even help you with inland trucking and transportation to a nearby port in the United States, loading and unloading, and import taxes in Germany. 

A few examples of some vintage automobiles we love to ship to Germany include: 

A Vintage BMW Bavaria

File:Vintage BMW Bavaria.jpg


                                                   A Classic Mercedes Benz

File:Mercedes-Benz vintage car, 2014.JPG
High Contrast
Vintage Fiat

File:Fiat Classic Car Week.JPG

If you are considering transporting your automobile overseas to Port Bremerhaven, Germany, K International is the right choice for a reliable international shipping company. For more information, contact us at 212-267-6400, email us at, or reach out to us on Skype at kinternationalny.