Arica Chile

International Shipping to the Port of Arica, Chile

Known as the “city of eternal spring,” Arica is Chile’s most northern city and lies just 18 km south of Peru. It is the capital of the Arica province and sits in the heart of the Atacama Desert. The Azapa and Lluta valleys produce the region’s best citrus and olives. Arica’s main attractions are the picturesque Morro de Arica, the Catedral de San Marcos de Arica, and the Plaza Colón. It is also a popular tourist attraction due to its 20 km of beaches and coastline.

Port of Arica, Chile

The medium-sized port is a hub for South American travel and sits directly on the Pan-American highway. It also serves as a free port for Bolivia and the end of the Bolivian oil pipeline, creating lots of opportunities for trade. The port can handle dry bulk, containers, and tankers, but it mainly accepts container ships, general cargo, and bulk carriers. Arica also has 27,000 square meters of warehouse space and a 2,000 square meter passenger terminal. The Parque Industrial Puerta America provides 214,000 square meters of space for electrical, water, and sewer services.

In 2022, the port handled around 3 million tonnes and over 160,000 TEUs. It did $214 million in exports, with the most common goods being boron, animal fat, oil, aluminum boxes, fertilizers, and mineral products. It imported $118 million in goods, the most common being oil seeds, bicycles, fertilizers, and aluminum.

The port is run by the Arica Port Company which took over in 1998. The mission is to “Develop Puerto Arica in a sustainable manner, promoting its growth in accordance with the needs of present and future demand, strengthening its competitiveness and managing the impacts on the city, territory and environment, while achieving an adequate return for the State.” The vision is “To be leaders of sustainable port development in the Andean macro region, becoming a cutting-edge port of excellence, highly competitive through flexibility and permanent innovation, promoting and developing quality services and shared value actions in its city-port relationship, protecting the integrity of the environment and the community.” Lastly, the core values are sustainability, quality, trust, respect, teamwork, and safety. In terms of sustainability, it is striving to be the leading “Green Port” in the area by prioritizing clean energy. In 2010, it received the Green Company Award.

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