Basel, Switzerland

Located at the critical junction of Switzerland, France, and Germany, the city of Basel is one of the most important locations for cargo and freight into the landlocked country of Switzerland. With a key location along the Rhine river, the city of Basel has always held major importance to Switzerland as the major transportation hub, industrial center and connection to surrounding countries. Today, Basel is home to the only cargo port located in Switzerland. International shipping service reaches Switzerland through container service shipped along the Rhine river through connections from the port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

An additional means of transportation for cargo to Switzerland is through their extensive freight rail lines offering service up the major cities of Geneva and Zurich. Even though the only type of cargo transport directly into Switzerland is via container, there are other means to get cargo such as automobiles and construction equipment into the country. International car shipping service to Switzerland is available through ports located in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. Specialized car carriers provide daily and weekly service into Switzerland from the major North European ports with door service up to Geneva, Bern, Zurich, Lausanne and other destinations throughout Switzerland. As a result, this option for overseas car shipping service via roll-on / roll-off vessels up to north European ports with further transport via car carriers provides an affordable shipping option for those wishing to ship rolling cargo to Switzerland.

Some notable features of the port of Basel, Switzerland:

  • Over 98% of cargo into Switzerland is handled through freight rails.
  • In order to provide additional international shipping service into Italy from Switzerland, a 270 km freight line is being established between Basel and the Italian border and should be completed by 2020. This line will assist in bringing cargo from northern Switzerland to the Italian border and southern region.
  • International airfreight is also available to Basel with direct service available from most major cities in the world.
  • Heavy equipment shipping service to Switzerland is shipped from the major seaports in Europe (Rotterdam, Bremerhaven and Antwerp) to Basel through highway and railway transport service.

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