Situated within the Arabian Gulf, the country of Kuwait has one of the largest shipping industries in the Middle East. From the 18th century to present day times, Kuwait has served as a major trading center for the Arabian Peninsula. Today, the country’s largest commercial port is located in Shuwaikh, a modern industrial area located near the capital and largest city in the country; Kuwait City. Due to its proximity to the capital and the Kuwait International Airport, several international shipping companies now hold offices near the port of Shuwaikh.

The major export for the country of Kuwait is oil and one of its major trading partners is the United States. Today, Kuwait imports mostly automobiles and machinery from the United States. Classic and antique cars are very popular in Kuwait and there is plenty of overseas car shipping service available to Kuwait on roll-on / roll-off vessels. Additionally, several construction projects within the country have led to an increase in the shipment of used and new construction equipment from the United States and other regions of the world.

Some notable features for the port of Shuwaikh, Kuwait:

  • Kuwait has five ports; two ports are designated for commercial cargo and three ports are for the exportation of oil. The port of Shuaiba is the other commercial port besides Shuwaikh.
  • The port of Shuwaikh has 21 berths with all types of vessels arriving at its shores including: roll-on / roll-off, container, fishing and small passenger ships.
  • Kuwait has an extensive network of well-build roadways; however it does not have a rail system. Currently, the government is investing considerable resources into building a modern rail system that would not only serve the port of Shuwaikh, but will also link Kuwait with its neighboring gulf countries including United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.
  • The port of Shuwaikh, Kuwait is a bustling area with hospitals, a university, shopping center, major banks and a free trade zone all within close proximity.

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