Livorno, Italy

Overseas Shipping to Livorno, Italy

In the northwestern part of Tuscany, along the Mediterranean Sea, sits the charming port of Livorno. Established in the 17th century as a free port, Livorno was a popular immigration location. It is now the third largest port in Italy and serves the Tuscany, Emilia-Romagna, Umbria, and Marche regions of Italy. Livorno also continues to become an up-and-coming and popular tourist destination and welcomes over 300 cruise ships with more than 250,000 passengers each year. It is known for cute shops and seafood restaurants, and has been dubbed a “new Venice.” The town is just 12 miles from the Leaning Tower of Pisa and 60 from Florence giving visitors a true taste of Italy. 

Port Livorno’s Imports & Exports

The port can handle almost anything and accepts any method from RO/RO to bulk and container shipping. It has an annual capacity of over 7,000 vessels, 30 million tonnes, and 2 million TEUS (twenty-foot equivalent unit, inexact unit of cargo capacity). Its most common imports are mineral oils, coal, fertilizers, and silica sand. And its most common exports are mineral oils, marble, wine, olive oil, and copper. The port is also overseen and managed by Livorno Harbor Authority.

Livorno’s Ports & Expansion Project

There are two main ports in Livorno, with three terminals and four basins. Porto Vecchio, the old port, is on the southern side and contains four docks. Porto Nuovo, the new port, is on the northern side and houses three docks and one canal. Currently, a major expansion project is underway. Phase one was completed in 2017 and the rest is expected to be finished this year. The project will update all infrastructure and add three more cruise berths. The goal is to increase traffic, become more efficient at handling care, and establish itself as a leader in the port industry.

Some Notable Features of the Livorno Port Include:

  • The break bulk cargo terminal has a total area of 181,567 m2 and a storage capacity of 160,000 m3.
  • The automobile terminal has a total area of 477,060 m2 and a storage capacity of 6,000 cars. 
  • The container terminal has a total area of 658,000 m2 and an annual traffic capacity of 2,000,000 TEUs.
  • Lastly, the port is a significant contributor to the economy as it employs over 15,000 workers.

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