Panama City, Panama

Port Panama City is the commercial hub of Panama, in part due to its advantageous location at the Pacific entry of the Panama Canal and the increasingly growing economy of its surrounding capital city. With 18th berths, the port can accept container vessels, barges, and roll-on/roll-off (RoRo) vessels to ship virtually any cargo in and out of Panama City. Along with the port’s wide range of services, available to both individuals and companies, Port Panama City offers easy access to container ports in Asia, North America, Pacific and Atlantic ports in South America, as well as ports in Africa and Europe.

Common exports include commodities such as steel, wood, copper, and grains. Other exports and imports include automobiles, construction equipment from companies such as Kobelco, Caterpillar, Hitachi, and Komatsu, and containerized cargo.

Some notable features of Port Panama City, Panama include:

  • Port Panama City has dedicated at least $50 million into improving its facilities and plans to invest approximately $30 million more.
  • The Panama Canal played a major part in helping the city establish itself as a global commercial center and makes transportation to and from the port more efficient.
  • Panama City is responsible for about 55% of the country’s GDP with the help of port Panama City, related mostly to commerce and tourism

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