Santander, Spain

On the Northern coast of Spain, along the Bay of Biscay, sits the beautiful coastal town of Santander. The Bay, also shared by France, houses many of the oil and steel factories in the area. The town was originally founded by the Romans, however, in 1941, a large fire destroyed most of the town. The main buildings that survived were the place and historical museum, which still houses much of the Roman influence. Now, it is known for its stunning beaches and is a popular destination for tourists coming in on cruise ships. Additionally, the city can easily be traveled by foot!

The main port in the city is large-sized and does mostly local trade in Europe, with some connections in Asia and South Africa. General cargo accounts for the largest portion of imports, followed by sailing vessels, fishing equipment, personal items, and vehicles. The opening of the port has a depth of 18 meters and a width of 1700 meters. It is then divided into various terminals, each serving a unique purpose. In 1983, the chemical products terminal was built, and the newest specialized terminal is dedicated to agriculture. It has a depth of 13 meters, 280 meters of berth space, lots of rail access, and a storage capacity of over 100,000 tons. Four quays handle the general cargo, which covers over 320,000 square meters. There are also separate roll-on/roll-off terminals for forestry products and automobiles/heavy vehicles respectively. The auto terminal handles over 300,000 units annually and works with over 20 manufacturers worldwide. Lastly, the passenger terminal is equipped with two wharves. Today, the port has a large emphasis on sustainability, and new projects are underway to improve public transportation, parking, street lighting, and waste disposal.

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