Tema, Ghana

Port of Call: Tema, Ghana

Originally a small fishing village, Tema blossomed into the nation’s largest sea port after the construction of a large harbor in 1961. Located 25Km (16mi) east of Accra, the capital city, the Port of Tema handles 80% of the nation’s import and export cargo. The port includes a container terminal and various off dock container terminals. International construction equipment shipping and international automobile shipping terminals and car parks are also available in the port of Tema. Heavy Equipment Shipping to Tema, Ghana from the United States has grown over the years as the need for construction equipment such as excavators, dump trucks, motor graders and tractor trailers has increased. Affordable roll-on/ roll-off overseas car shipping to Ghana is available from several United States ports.

Some notable features of the port include:

• The port is currently run by private operators

• The Safebond Company Limited (SCL), a private shore handling company, recently completed the construction of a car park for incoming international automobile shipping vessels. All vehicles received in the port are transferred to the park for delivery.

• The port recently installed enhanced security surveillance systems

• The port of Tema has become one of the most important transshipment hubs handling incoming international shipments of containers and other heavy construction equipment such as excavators, dump trucks and motor graders to other parts of West Africa. The port’s recent expansion of its container terminal and increased port stability makes it an ideal transshipment port for container shipping, overseas car shipping and trailer shipping to other West African ports.

For more information about the port of Terms please visit: The Ports of Ghana Website. To receive international automobile shipping, construction equipment shipping or trailer shipping quotes visit our rate requests page.