Shipping Construction Equipment in Container

Most heavy equipment shipping services utilize roll-on roll-off service for excavators, back hoes, wheel loaders, front loaders, dump trucks, cranes, motor graders, bull dozers and trailer shipping from the USA to several international destinations. However, sometimes the roll-on roll-off shipping costs are very high or a particular destination does not have roll-on roll-off service – so how do you ship your Caterpillar excavator overseas? If your heavy construction equipment is small enough we can dismantle and ship your machine in a container! Shipping dismantled heavy machinery is possible for several types of construction equipment. Shipping construction equipment in container is available for those units that can be easily taken apart and put back together again. However, not all overseas shipping companies have the experience in container dismantling – and this is where K International can help!
K International Transport Co., Inc. has shipped numerous containers of dismantled machinery from the USA to various destinations around the world. Equipment shipping in ocean containers is also available for construction equipment units that are too large to fit in a container but have attachments such as a blade, cab or bucket that can be loaded inside a container to ship overseas. Even if you have one oversized piece we can load the rest of your construction equipment in container and ship the oversized piece via flat rack.
We can load your heavy cargo in ocean containers at several locations throughout the United States. Are you are able to dismantle your high heavy construction equipment and load the container yourself? We can drop the container at your door and pick-up when you are finished with loading. If you are able to load your container within two (2) hours we can offer live load service at a slightly cheaper cost than dropping and picking up the container loaded with heavy machinery later.
K International also has professional experience in factory dismantling and container shipping. If you have a high heavy units that are part of a large factory that will require dismantling, container loading and shipping then look no further than K International!
Heavy machinery shipping has several options and loading construction equipment capable of being dismantled and loaded into an ocean container can save you money on shipping costs and allows you to ship to destinations that do not offer roll-on roll-off service.
Transporting heavy machinery internationally requires the expertise of one of the best international shipping companies in the United States – K International Transport. We offer superior international shipping services for high heavy construction equipment dismantling and shipping. Visit our high-heavy / construction equipment shipping information page for more information and pictures on our container dismantling and heavy machinery transport services. Interested in an overseas international transport quote? Visit our high-heavy / construction equipment and breakbulk rate requests page and we will provide you with a competitive quote within 1-2 business days.