Strange Foods from Around the World! Ship and try them today!

Strange Foods from Around the World! Ship and try them today!

We all know the world has a lot of food to offer, but most of us wouldn’t try a lot of it! Out of these strange foods, which would you try? 

Fried Brain Sandwich

This is kind of like a burger…..but instead of the regular meat, it is a cow’s brains! Believe it or not, this was actually a delicacy in the central United States until Mad Cow Disease became a concern. However, there are still some fans around that still eat this weird sandwich! 

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Stink Bugs

These are a specialty in Indonesia, and it is said they taste like sunflower seeds. Would you try one of these?

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File:Dried edible stink bugs - Encosternum delegorguei.jpg
Author:  Encosternum_delegorguei_harvesting_4.jpg: Cathy Dzerefos, Provincial Programme Manager: Lipopop Eco-Schools


This is another word for Pufferfish, which is a delicacy in Japan. Because it is poisonous and will cause death if prepared improperly, it is legally restricted to professional chefs. Domestically making Fugu is strongly discouraged. 

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Author: Onderwijsgek

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