Taking Your Motorcycle Abroad

There is nothing quite like the open road and the thrill of the wind, seeing the sights in a new way from your own motorcycle.  If you are traveling abroad, particularly if you plan to spend any serious time traveling, one of the best ways to see a new place is on your motorcycle.  Whether you want to bring your own bike overseas or you want to ship an American made motorcycle to your home in another country, shipping your bike abroad is easier and more cost effective than you think.
There are lots of reasons why you want your own bike instead of renting one.  You know the maintenance that has gone into your own vehicle, for one thing.  You know the feel of your own bike.  American motorcycles are also very well designed and respected internationally for their performance and luxury.  Buying one from the United States and shipping it abroad is often comparatively cheaper than trying to buy an imported model in one’s own country!
So what goes into a shipment?  There is particular preparation you need to do before the bike is loaded and shipped.  Import and export laws are different for each country, so work with a good logistics shipping company to get all the right paperwork and documentation.  Preparation for shipping then includes draining all the fluids (gas, oil, etc.) and cleaning the bike to avoid any safety issues.  Used motorcycles usually also have their batteries disconnected as well.  Then, perfectly measuring the bike and packing it accordingly so it doesn’t sustain damage is the next step.

Don’t be worried about the details.  That is why you work with a reliable logistics shipper!  The cost is less than you think, and the professional expertise is, well, priceless.