Tips for Shipping Agricultural Machinery and Construction Equipment to Mombasa, Kenya and West Africa

Tips for Shipping Agricultural Machinery and Construction Equipment to Mombasa, Kenya and West Africa

Shipping to Kenya? As a fast growing country on the West coast of Africa, Kenya has a strong demand for construction and agricultural equipment. Many backhoes, motor graders, and harvesters are shipped every day to port Mombasa, Kenya from the United States.

Mombasa is the main port in Kenya. As a licensed freight forwarder, K International Transport always gives economical international shipping quotes to Mombasa, Kenya. We specialize in shipping construction equipment and agricultural machinery to Mombasa, Kenya.

Shipping to Kenya and West Africa can be done by container shipping services, roll-on / roll-off shipping service, and break-bulk equipment shipping service. K International is an experienced and trusted international shipping company in the United States, and we offer the best overseas shipping services to Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, and other countries in West Africa. 

CAT 416B Backhoe, ready for shipment to Kenya

One of the most cost effective ways to ship construction equipment to Kenya is to dismantle the backhoe, motor grader, or excavator and load them into a container for shipment from the United States to Mombasa, Kenya. Another option for particularly large machinery is international shipping via roll-on / roll-off vessel to Kenya or Tema, Ghana. For stationary construction and agricultural equipment, breakbulk cargo shipping service to Kenya would be your best bet.

CAT 120G Motor Grader, ready to ship to Lagos, Nigeria

If you need an international shipping price quote for shipping excavators, tractors, motor graders, bulldozers, trucks, trailers, harvesters, backhoes, buses or transportation equipment to Mombasa, Kenya from the United States, please contact us! Fill out our rate request form or contact us directly to get your international shipping prices to ship farming machinery, trucks and other construction equipment to Kenya. We can be reached by phone at 212-267-6400, email at or on skype at kinternationalny.