USA Export Customs Clearance Procedure for International Car and Construction Equipment Shipping

Overseas auto shipping seems as easy and shipping from one port to the next but there are several important steps and requirements in between. An essential component of the international shipping services K International Transport offers is USA export customs clearance. USA export customs clearance is required for all international shipments of automobiles and construction equipment to keep track of all vehicles into and out of the United States and to confirm vehicle ownership. Whether you are shipping your vehicle or construction equipment in a container, roll-on/ roll-off vessel or by air you will need to clear customs.
Before we can proceed with international automobile shipping and international construction equipment shipping you must verify your car or high heavy construction equipment has the necessary original documentation required for international shipping.
Overseas vehicle shipping including the shipping of motorcycles and all other road vehicles from the United State requires the presentation of the original vehicle title. The vehicle’s title should be free of any bank liens; if there is a bank lien on your vehicle you must provide an original letter from the bank confirming permission to ship your vehicle. If you have an older vehicle and your state does not issue titles for vehicles before a certain year you must provide an original bill of sale to clear customs. Brand new vehicles that have not been titled or registered can clear under the original Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin (MCO). Original documentation must show the shipper’s name, transfer to the seller and full details of the vehicle including the vehicle identification number (VIN).
International heavy equipment shipping requires the presentation of the original bill of sale for export customs clearance. The original bill of sale should have the seller’s details, buyer’s details and serial number of the construction equipment machine prior to international shipping from the United States.
International customs clearance is an essential part of international shipping and you should make sure to verify you have all documents needed before shipping. Continue to check our blog for more information and tips on the international shipping services we offer including overseas construction equipment shipping, international car transport, international boat shipping, and trailer shipping. Visit our service information pages for more information on the international shipping services we offer. To receive international heavy equipment shipping or car shipping quotes and rates visit our rate request pages.