What countries have Import Restrictions on Used Cars?

What countries have Import Restrictions on Used Cars?

K International is an established international shipping company for automobiles, and is ready to help you or your customer ship cars to the Middle East. The shipment process begins with a rate quotation for international car shipping. The quotation usually covers every cost associated with shipping and export customs clearance from the United States up to the port of discharge.

Another concern are import restrictions on used vehicles:

  • Bolivia: No used autos allowed.
  • China:  Only new autos are allowed. (Shanghai) Consignee must have the import license in order to import new automobile into Shanghai.
  • Egypt:  (Damietta, and Alexandria): New Vehicles Only – No autos over 1 year old. (Port Said only) No autos over 10 years old.
  • Haiti:    No Autos Allowed.
  • Iraq:      No autos over 2 years old.
  • Kuwait: No autos over 5 years old.  Individuals cannot import more than one car at a time. If there are multiple cars on the b/l  it needs to   be consigned to a company.
  • Libya:   (Benghazi, Misurata, and El Khoms) ALL TYPES of VEHICLES (cars/auto/vehicles/motorcycles/watercraft/jet skis/boats more than 5 years old will not be accepted.) (No cars or ATV’s can discharge in Tripoli).
  • Lebanon:(Beirut): No autos over 8 years old.  (Pick-up trucks running on gasoline there are no restrictions) (Diesel engine pick-up trucks subject to 5 yr age limit & payload should be at least 3.5 tons) 
  • Pakistan: No autos over 3 years old, exclusion: if customer provides a written confirmation at the time booking and on the BL that “CARGO IN TRANSIT TO AFGHANISTAN” then there are no autos/vehicles/cars restrictions.
  • Paraguay: No autos over 10 years old.
  • Russia (Taganrog): No autos allowed.
  • Saudi Arabia (Jeddah, Damman, Riyadh, Yambu, etc.): Regular passenger cars, buses and light trucks must not be more than 5 years old and heavy transportation trucks must not be more than 10 years old.  Also any damaged, salvaged, dented or previously used vehicles for police or taxi services are prohibited.
  • Syria:    No autos allowed.
  • Tunisia (Tunis & Sfax): No autos or ATV’s (except new vehicles’ shipped by a brand concessionaire to a Tunisian brand concessionaire or diplomatic car).
  • Yemen: No autos over 7 years old and they cannot be damaged vehicles.

A Datsun Z Series!  Though too old for many ports, there are often exceptions for “Classic Cars.” Check with your import agent!

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