Why Does Cargo Shipping Vary So Much?

One of the top requests from customers is a price that is “everything included.”  In truth, that is a very difficult number to obtain without a bit more information from you!  But still, here are a few helpful tips for determining what goes into your cargo shipping price.
Where will pick up happen?  As the first step in the process, pick up can determine a lot about your shipping charges.  Will a trucking company need to move the item to an export packing warehouse, or will it go directly to port?  Will you be able to load your freight at your location?
How something is loaded can also cause the charges to vary.  Just like you might handle a precious antique more carefully than you would a cardboard box of stuffed animals and toys, loading for shipping is similar.  Automobiles and motorcycles often must be drained of gas, batteries disconnected and packed so as not to be damaged during shipping.  There may be special crating, ramps to load multiple cars, oversize cargo charges and other issues to contend with.
Ocean shipping methods also vary.  Container services, roll-on/roll-off shipping, breakbulk transport – there are specific methods for specific circumstances.  There are also different rates for different services. 
The paperwork and the delivery charges can also vary.  There is a lot of paperwork involved, and it really does pay to have a professional handle this service for you.  Whether you are dealing with an ocean bill of lading, handling a letter of credit, providing certificates of insurance or preparing export declarations, you name it, it’s worth having it done right.  Once your cargo arrives at its destination, there is another handling charge to get the containers off the ship, transporting them to their final destination and unpacking will result in further charges.

Just like a restaurant menu, shipping charges will vary based on what you order.  Having a good understanding of the breakdown in pricing and why charges are made can help you more fully understand the process!