Is it Safe to Ship an Expensive Car Overseas on a Roll-On / Roll-Off (Ro/Ro) Ship?

When looking for overseas car shipping service you have three options: shipping by container, shipping on a roll-on / roll-off (ro/ro) ship or shipping by air.  The most affordable option to ship your car internationally is using ro/ro service.  However, the misconception is that shipping an expensive car using ro/ro service is not safe.  Today […]

Ship a Cadillac Escalade to Dammam, Saudi Arabia!

Many of our customers come to us to find out how to ship their prized vehicles overseas, especially luxury cars. Recently we have helped customers ship a Cadillac Escalade to Dammam, Saudi Arabia, or other ports in the Middle East. It is important to employ an experienced international shipping company like K International Transport if […]