International Logistics Consulting and Letters of Credit

Please feel free to call us at (212) 267-6400 or mail us at with a specific inquiry.

  1. Are you looking to export merchandise from the United States but are unwilling to assume your buyer’s credit risk?
  2. Is your business struggling with letter of credit compliance issues including discrepancies with presentation resulting in bank delays?
  3. Do your employees already have a full workload and would prefer to outsource your export documentation needs and bank presentations entirely so that they can focus on other important tasks?
  4. Would you like to benefit from decades of collective experience by using K International Transport Co., Inc. to review the shipping terms of your transaction before you enter into a contract for construction equipment shipping or other cargo shipping that requires international shipping services, thereby solving problems before they happen?
  5. Are you faced with a large overseas project involving staging, export packaging, stowage and bracing, and possibly staggered or “just in time” delivery, and could use logistical advice from one of the premier international shipping companies in the United States?

If any of the questions above apply to you, we are in a position to help. There is no need to extend “open account” selling terms to your overseas customer or to insist on full prepayment up front before shipping. K International can help you understand the nuts and bolts of a letter of credit.

It is crucial to know your rights as a beneficiary under a letter of credit. Many banks include model provisions in their letters of credit that are redundant, confusing or simply incorrect, and many applicants request “protection” that is way beyond market standards. K International will not only analyze what terms should be removed or changed, we will also explain what provisions should be added to protect your interests. Many of our customers prefer to outsource their export documentation needs and bank presentations entirely to K International, thereby exploiting efficiencies and raising productivity. Our comprehensive support encompasses more than merely documentation-related services. K International is also able to negotiate terms initially and then coordinate the execution, all on your behalf. When a project seems most daunting, we can provide organization and structure. K International Transport Co., Inc. has overseen a wide variety of complex shipments, including large-scale heavy equipment shipping and the transportation of an entire industrial plant. We have worked with engineers to determine the order of disassembly/assembly and appropriate cargo markings, so that the shipment could be tracked and properly reassembled at the overseas destination. K International can assist with any international shipping services, from international car shipping to letter of credit consultation and presentation. Upon request, K International Transport Co., Inc. can provide references from a number of our existing customers who continue to rely on our judgment and expertise.