International Shipping to Kaohsiung, Taiwan!

Overseas shipping is now easier than ever, so what’s stopping you? With a reliable international shipping company like K International, shipping overseas to Kaohsiung, Taiwan is hassle-free and efficient, no matter what the cargo is!  The port of Kaohsiung, Taiwan has several benefits, including;  It is the 12th busiest port in the world! It is the 6th largest container […]

Busiest Ports in the United States: Ship today!

Most reliable international shipping companies will ship your cargo from any port in the United States. But have you ever wondered which ports are the busiest?  5. Oakland, California JGkatz|Jeffrey G. Katz 4. Savannah, Georgia Ken Lund from Las Vegas, Nevada, USA 3. New York City 2. Long Beach, California 1. Los Angeles, California Wknight94 Reliable international shipping […]

International Boat Shipping in the winter! (Russian)

в середине зимы в Нью-Йорке, по-прежнему можем грузить лодки на международном уровне. с надежной международной судоходной компании, как K International, доставка катеров и плавсредств за рубежом может быть сделано легко и эффективно. Независимо от того, что вы грузить яхту, реактивный skiis, парусник или любой другой груз ли, K International не может заботиться о нем! К […]

International Shipping Services during Blizzards!

While the first 2015 winter storm is in full swing in the northeast, will international shipping services suffer? Of course not! No matter the weather or the cargo you’re shipping, K International can help!  Reliable international shipping companies can offer several affordable services, including:  K International Transport can ship your cargo from any port in the United States, including […]

International Automobile Shipping to West Africa!

If you’re interested in international automobile shipping to any country in West Africa from the United States, K International can help! No matter whether you are shipping a B&W, a vintage Lexus, or a pick-up truck, our services can help you ship to countries like Gambia Ghana Benin Ivory Coast Mauritania and more! A reliable international shipping company like […]

2015 State of the Union Address and International Shipping

Today on January 20th, was the annual State of the Union Address. Issues regarding the military, international relations, and the economy were brought up by President Obama in front of Congress. We want you to know that in 2015, international shipping services are only improving!Whether you are shipping an automobile, construction equipment, or household goods, you can […]

International Shipping and Poetry?!?!

On this day, January 19th, in 1809, one of the world’s most famous poets was born. Edgar Allan Poe, of course! Some of Poe’s most famous works include:  the Raven Fall of the House of Usher Tell-Tale Heart and Annabel Lee Whether or not you are a fan of his dreary and sometimes downright spooky […]

International Boat Shipping in the Winter!

It’s the middle of the winter in New York, but who says that has to mean no international boat shipping until the summer? with a reliable international shipping company like K International, shipping boats and water crafts overseas can be done easily and effectively.  No matter whether you’re shipping a yacht, jet skiis, a sailboat […]

Caterpillars, Bulldozers, and Cranes, Ship Construction Equipment Today!

International construction shipping has the potential of being very stressful and intimidating. However, with a reliable international shipping company, like K International, the process can be easy and hassle-free. From Caterpillars to bulldozers and tractor trailers, K International can ship it all!  Anna Uciechowska No matter what you are shipping and where, K International’s shipping services should convince […]

Tea Drinking and International Shipping!

Popularized and spread by the Silk Road, tea is among the most widespread beverages in the world. So which countries in the world drink the most tea? If you want to ship overseas to try different teas for yourself, a reliable international shipping company, like K International, can help you!  5. United Kingdom  The U.K drinks about […]