International Construction Equipment Shipping to the Middle East from the United States

International Construction Equipment Shipping to the Middle East from the United States

Many international shipping clients seek to transport construction equipment and other large machinery to the Middle East. With a reliable and affordable international shipping company like K International Transport, a hassle-free overseas transport is possible. With decades of experience, K International Transport can help clients transport all types of equipment, no matter the size, to ports in the Middle East, including Jebel Ali in UAE, Said in Egypt, Salalah in Oman, Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, Aqaba in Jordan, Shuwaikh in Kuwait, and more!

K International Transport loves to ship all types of high heavy equipment, including excavators (the 336 GC and the 349 models from Caterpillar, the EC950F EC250E models from Volvo, the ZX30U-5 and ZX60USB-5 models from Hitachi, and the SK210LC-10 model from Kobelco), bulldozers (the D9 and D11 models from Caterpillar), wheel loaders(the 903D and 906M models from Caterpillar and the L260H and L120H models from Volvo), and compactors, (the 816K and CB34 models from Caterpillar and the DD140C and DD15 models from Volvo). Other popular types of equipment include:

– Loaders
– Scrapers
– Cranes
– Forklifts
– Backhoes
– Graders
– Agricultural and Farm Equipment
– Mining Equipment
– Manufacturing Equipment
– Skid Steers

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Choosing How to Ship Your Construction Equipment

After deciding to ship, clients and the freight forwarder must make an important decision. This decision revolves around whether to transport cargo via container or roll-on/roll-off (RO/RO). With RO/RO shipping, the construction equipment must be wheeled and self-propelled, as it needs to be driven onto the vessel for this option. Otherwise, a 40- or 45-foot container is ideal for transporting most types of high heavy equipment. Construction equipment that can be dismantled will be loaded into a container and reassembled when it arrives overseas. Often, this option can provide savings to shippers in the form of lower freight costs and duty rates. However, shippers may have to dismantle and reassemble the equipment themselves or otherwise pay for dismantling services. There are also alternative types of containers that might be better suited for certain equipment that may exceed the width and height of a traditional container, including flat rack containers and open-top containers. An experienced freight forwarder like K International Transport can help clients decide the best way to move forward.

Once clients decide to transport cargo overseas, they must submit several required documents and prepayment in full. Shippers will be required to submit a power of attorney form to allow the freight forwarder to legally handle their shipment, a bill of lading to allow the consignee to take possession of the goods once they arrive, a certificate of title to prove ownership of the cargo, a packing list showing all the goods being shipped, specifications and dimensions of the goods being shipped, and identification of the shipper and consignee. Clients should also let their freight forwarder know their preferred schedule for shipment so that the equipment can be transported in a timely manner.


Import Requirements for International Construction Shipping

Clients should also be aware of the various requirements for importing construction equipment into particular countries. Different ports and countries around the world have their own requirements that construction equipment and other imports must satisfy to be accepted. Because some rules and regulations are stricter than others, it’s important to know and understand what is required before shipping any cargo overseas. One basic requirement that’s common among most international ports is that heavy machinery must be kept clean, free of excess dirt, and leak-free. The machinery must also be in good operating condition. If certain cleanliness conditions are not met, clients may be charged a cleaning fee. Some countries have more specific inspection and cleaning requirements than others, especially for used construction equipment. We strongly recommend consulting an import customs broker at the country of destination to ensure all import requirements overseas will be met.

When the equipment is ready to be shipped, clients working with K International Transport can request a price quote for the shipment. For a preliminary quote, visit our rate request page; afterward, you can call us, email us, or reach out to us on Skype for more information. Once K International Transport gives you the lowest possible rate for your equipment, you can proceed with the shipment by telling an agent your preferred schedule for export, submitting the necessary documents, and paying the price in full. Once the process has started, K International Transport will take care of their client’s cargo every step of the way.

No matter where our clients (or the equipment) is located in the United States, K International Transport can ship it from New York, Maryland, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Texas, California, Washington, or any other American port. In the past, we have shipped excavators, cranes, bulldozers, stone cutters, agricultural equipment, mining equipment, and dump trucks, among other types of equipment. Often, clients are unable to transport their Kobelco, Caterpillar, Hitachi, or Komatsu equipment to the port of origin in the United States because of its size and weight. In these cases, their freight forwarding company can enlist the services of a reliable inland trucking and transportation company. The ground transportation company can deliver the equipment from the client’s door to the port safely and efficiently.

With a reliable international shipping company like K International Transport, transporting heavy construction equipment to the Middle East is hassle-free and affordable. Call us at 212-267-6400 or send us an email at You can also reach out to us on Skype at kinternationalny. We look forward to working with you!