International Motorhome and RV’s Shipping to Europe

International Motorhome and RV’s Shipping to Europe

There has always been something peculiar about the last days of winter. Though they are unquestionably brighter and not quite as austere as their apparently endless predecessors, they seem to be equally distant from the mellower hours promised by spring. Every little bud on the tree branches is still tightly closed, as if it were engaged in the deepest thoughts and had no time to yield even the tiniest glimpse of the beauty it has been concealing. It is in such days that the wind begins its inexorable transformation into the pleasant breeze that will eventually dissolve the last remains of the past cold and draw timid, blurred visions of distant lands yet to be discovered.

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Here at K International Transport, with our wide range of international shipping services, we can help you outline the details of your vision and provide you with the tools to make it real. It is never too early to start making plans, so if you have been toying with the idea of embarking on a long road trip across the European continent behind the steering wheel of your own motorhome, this is the time to get serious about it. Sit down, pull out some paper and a pen and draft the map of your next adventure. Your recreational vehicle or your travel trailer can reach the major European ports in as little as three weeks from the US East Coast and the Gulf – Antwerp & Zeebrugge, Belgium / Hamburg & Bremerhaven, Germany / Vigo, Spain – and, if you are willing to wait a bit longer, the list of possible ports is much, much longer.

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Shipping RVs overseas may seem a big deal to some, but the truth is that it does not differ much from shipping regular cars. However, not all international transport companies can assist their customers all through the process needed to temporarily import vehicles into another country. At K International, thanks to our dedicated and competent staff and our net of experienced European agents, we are able to offer you a complete package of services to get you from point A to point B seamlessly. We take pride in our personal, yet extremely professional approach and we always strive to make all our customers feel that they are in good hands. We leave no email nor phone call unanswered, and we do our absolute best to address any questions or concerns you may have before, during, and/or after the shipment.

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Let us know how we may be of help to you by calling us at +1 (212) 267-6400 or by sending us an email to Whether you are ready to ship your unit or you simply want to enquire about our services, we are looking forward to hearing from you!