Bar, Montenegro

A coastal town that attracts much of the tourism in Montenegro, Bar is a favorite for transporting all types of cargo from the United States. With its location across from Italy on the Adriatic Sea, Port Bar offers access to all surrounding countries, making international shipping more efficient for clients transporting automobiles, construction equipment, watercrafts, and container goods.

The primary exports from Port Bar, Montenegro include wine, aluminum, lead ore, and scrap iron. Although Montenegro’s main trading partners are Serbia, Greece, and China, international transport from the United States is also a popular option. In this case, automobiles are the most popular import into Port Bar.

Some notable features for the port of Bar, Montenegro include:

  • Because of the port’s access to many countries surrounding it, residents and freight forwarders in the region speak multiple languages, including Montenegrin, Serbian, Bosnian, Albanian, and Croatian.
  • The city’s population is about 40,000, making it one of the busiest cities and centers of tourism in Montenegro.
  • Besides cars, some of the popular imports into Port Bar are refined petroleum, pork, and packaged medicaments


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