Constanta, Romania

Located on the western coast of the Black Sea, Port Constanta, Romania is an efficient container port in Eastern Europe. Although it is generally less-known than its Western European counterparts, Port Constanta’s capabilities and qualifications make it comparable to the most important international ports: Constanta routinely handles 100,000,000 tons of cargo annually. In addition, the port’s two roll-on/roll-off (RoRo) terminals and a storage capacity for over 6,000 vehicles, transporting an automobile to Romania is extremely efficient through Port Constanta.

A few popular imports into Port Constanta, Romania include cars / automobiles / vehicles, construction and heavy equipment such as bulldozers / excavators / dump trucks, and various other types of cargo. As the main container hub in the Black Sea, Port Constanta accepts virtually all imported cargo for transport into Eastern Europe.

Some notable features for the port of Constanta, Romania include:

  • Port Constanta container 156 berths for imported goods and cargo, 140 of which are operational.
  • The port has two breakwaters located to the north and south of Constanta. The breakwaters shelter the port, which makes for the safest conditions for Port Constanta.
  • The Port of Constanta is both a maritime port, and a river port. Approximately 200 river vessels are at the port for loading and unloading cargo.
  • Port Constanta is the 18th largest port in Europe, and the 2nd largest port on the Black Sea

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