Doha, Qatar

The capital and most populated city in Qatar, Doha also houses a commercial port with the capability to handle and accept a large variety of cargo. With city’s population at around 50% of the entire country’s residents, the Port at Doha is surrounded by a large metropolitan and financial center, which contributes to the port’s importance and economic traffic. Currently, the port and surrounding areas are under renovation, with the goal to improve Port Doha’s efficiency and annual container throughput capacity which will further enhance the significance of the Qatari port.

A significant import into Port Doha is construction equipment and automobiles, but other goods, with the exception of liquid bulk, are transported there as well. Port Doha can accept Caterpillar, Kobelco, and Komatsu equipment, as well as all types of vehicles, both in containers and on roll-on/roll-off vessels, for import into Qatar.

Some notable features for the port Doha, Qatar include:

  • After the proposed renovations to Port Doha, the port is said to be able to accept an increased annual container throughput of about six million TEUs
  • Environmental protection is said to be a priority while building and reconstructing the new port, so as not to damage the surrounding ecosystems.
  • The port reconstruction led to a changed name for the port, from Doha to Hamad, and will further open up ocean freight traffic into Qatar.

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