Overseas Shipping to George Town, Cayman Islands

The city of George Town is the capital of the Cayman Islands. As the largest city of all British Overseas Territories according to population, George Town is the center of the financial services sector in the Cayman Islands. Situated on Grand Cayman, Port George Town can accept many types of cargo from international shipping clients, including automobiles, construction equipment, business, and goods.

Popular imports into Port George Town in the Cayman Islands include automobiles and personal/ business goods. Shipping to Grand Cayman is easy with an experienced freight forwarding company for all types of cars, as well as other goods via container shipping.


Some notable features of Port George Town include:

  • The port opened in 1977, with a capacity of 50,000 tons of cargo per year.
  • By 1989, the 50,000 tons capacity of the port was tripled.
  • Port George Town can accommodate vessels up to 120m or 400 ft.
  • The port can accept roll-on/roll-off, containers, break-bulk, and bulk
  • The majority of cargo that is imported into Cayman Islands is from the U.S and Jamaica


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