Hai Phong, Vietnam

The port of Hai Phong serves the entire northern region of Vietnam, as well as attracting a large amount of foreign investment due to its significance in the region. The city of Hai Phong was initially founded by a female general named Le Chan. Over the centuries, it has continued to be a significant overseas car shipping and construction equipment shipping port for the region, even unto the present day.

Hai Phong is a smaller sized port, yet sees large amounts of traffic and business. Located right off of the South China Sea, the Port of Hai Phong can support vessels up to a maximum size of over 500 feet in length and has a channel and cargo pier depth of 21 to 25 feet deep. With wide enough berths provided so that ships can turn around, this port is a staple for the region.

Some Interesting Facts About the port of Hai Phong

  • Has lift and crane capacities to load 100+ tons
  • Located right off of the South China Sea and convenient for the Asia-Pacific region
  • Smaller sized port, but has deeper waters and large clearance for ships to turn around
  • Many different overseas shipping companies and vessel manufacturing companies located in Hai Phong

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