Haifa Israel

Port Haifa, Israel is located on a natural deep-water harbor on the Mediterranean Sea and stretches approximately 3 kilometers. Although Haifa is one of three major seaports located in Israel, it is the largest and busiest. In fact, Port Haifa is one of the largest ports in the Mediterranean by freight volume, handling over 29 million tons of cargo annually. In addition to the many cargo terminals, Port Haifa also has a railroad freight terminal which can be used to transport cargo throughout the country after it arrives at the port from overseas. The terminals are equipped to handle cargo of all kinds, and ships of all sizes. Furthermore, Port Haifa has been undergoing a billion-dollar expansion, which will create more terminals, expand the railroad, and will give the port the ability to accept even more cargo annually.

Heavy Equipment and International Car Shipping

Clients can transport virtually any cargo from the United States to Haifa, Israel, including cars, construction equipment, and personal effects. However, trucks, buses, and automobiles of all makes, models, and years are the most popular imports. Clients can transport vehicles via roll-on/roll-off (RORO) vessels, an affordable option in which the car can be driven onto and off of the vessel upon loading and unloading. If the car is not in operating or driving condition, if the client is shipping more than one automobile, or if the client also intends to transport personal effects with the vehicle, shipping via container may be more efficient. Either way, a reliable international shipping company can help its clients decide what the best option is for them. After the car is shipped, Port Haifa will take care of it when it arrives in Israel.

Additional Considerations when Shipping to or from Haifa, Israel

Some notable features of Port Haifa, Israel include:

  • The billion-dollar expansion, which started in 2018, is likely to be completed in 2021.
  • The Shanghai International Port Group won an international tender to operate the new terminal in Port Haifa for 25 years once it is completed in 2021.
  • The expansion of Port Haifa will increase the tonnage the expanded terminal can handle by 700,000 TEU.
  • Currently, the Port can handle over 29.5 million tons of cargo and 1.4 million containers annually
  • The management of Port Haifa is choosing to privatize the port. The sale will be completed by 2022, and the new owner will be required to make an investment of $290 million, half of which will be reserved for infrastructure investment.

Transporting cargo to Port Haifa, Israel with K International Transport can be hassle-free, efficient, and affordable. With our international automobile shipping services and the port’s high-quality amenities and infrastructure, clients can transport contemporary automobiles, vintage vehicles, buses, trucks, and more. clients can transport cargo of all sizes and weights by RORO if it is self-propelled, or by container to Port Haifa. K International Transport can ship automobiles from ports in the United States including New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Texas, California, and Washington. We can even offer inland trucking and transportation services from your door to the nearest port in the United States.

Contact K International Transport and tell an agent the dimensions of your automobile(s) and the make, model, and year. Together with K International Transport, you can decide between RORO and container, depending on the price and efficiency of each option. To get a quote, schedule a shipment, or learn more about international automobile shipping or Port Haifa, call K International Transport today at 212-267-6400 or send us an email us at inquiries@kinternational.com. You can also reach out to us on Skype at kinternationalny. To Learn more about Port Haifa, Israel, visit the port website at https://www.haifaport.co.il/en/.